LiquidPan is the official distributor of the award-winning Zila Cake Moulds for liquid cakes. Find the next evolution of cake tins which make your cake decoration quick, easy and beautiful.

You can find revolutionised silicone Zila cake moulds in the LiquidPan shop which can give you even liquid cake slices in any circumstances. Moreover, these baking tins can be used for starters, main dishes and of course, cakes. The limit is your imagination.

Be tuned for our rethought classic recipes – everything in liquid pans. The Zila cake moulds are recent inventions of the brilliant confectionary master of Hungary, Laszlo Zila which revolutionised the way we think of food. Furthermore, you can rethink all your favourite recipes and change the way they look, but not how they taste. Give a modern look to your desserts, side dishes or main dishes. With the Zila cake moulds, everything will be possible.

The Zila cake mould family consists of silicone cake tins which will change your way of thinking.

You will be able to create your old time favourites but in a new form. Be baked or frozen, these special cake tins will allow you to surprise everybody with your unique cakes.

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