Silicone Spatula to spread cream in Zila Cake Mould – Kitchenware Spatula


– dishwasher-safe silicone spatula
– rubber icing spatula in playful colours
– silicone kitchenware spatula for your new Zila Cake Mould
– colourful cake spatula



A silicone spatula which you match with the colour of your new Zila Cake Mould. The dishwasher-safe kitchenware spatula can be used as a cake spatula to smooth cream in the cake tin or as a spoonula to scrape cream from the bowl.

We like to have colourful silicone cooking utensils in the kitchen because colours can increase brain activity and inspire us. You can find this silicone spatula in multiple colours. Even matching the orange colour of your new Zila cake mould, so you are ready to get inspired. The kitchenware spatula is flexible, so you can use it to any kitchen activity, such as scraping or spreading the cream.

The shape of this spoonula is perfect for any bowl. The whole cake spatula is from easy-grip silicone which is very useful in case of round bowl so that you can scrape every last bit of the cream. The rubber icing spatula won’t make any scratch on your plastic bowls, aluminium pans or non-stick coated pots. And most importantly, it won’t cut your silicone moulds, like your new Zila cake tin.

Is this silicone spatula safe to use with food?

Just look around in your kitchen and count how many silicone tools you have. We bet there are some unless we are looking at an empty kitchen. This silicone spatula is no different than your other silicone kitchenware equipment. It is food safe, durable and heat resistant up to 315 degrees C° (600°F). Moreover, this rubber icing spatula is eco-friendly and doesn’t count as a hazardous waste. However, you won’t need to worry about throwing this cake spatula for many years. Read more about the material here.


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