Silicone Brush to grease the Zila Cake Mould – Basting Brush


– perfect silicone brush to grease the Zila cake moulds
– silicone bristle brush with dispenser bottle for the convenient use
– mini hole in the silicone brush part for even spreading of butter or any release agent
– eco-friendly, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe
– can be used as a pastry brush, egg wash brush, bbq brush or as a general food brush

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Of course, it is more than just a silicone brush for your new Zila cake mould. You can use this convenient basting brush as a bbq brush or an egg wash brush for anything you bake.

When you prepare your own homemade pan release mixture, you need a butter brush to apply it onto the Zila cake mould. And when you use an eco-friendly, refillable silicone brush, you not just save money, but find a handy way to store your prepared cake release mix for later as well.

Why do I need this silicone brush for my liquid cake mould?

You don’t necessarily need this specific basting brush, but we advise you to use one if you use a cake release liquid or mixture. The Zila cake moulds need to be greased before use, and this kitchen brush is an easy way to do so. When you prepare your cake release mix or use a release liquid, you have to coat your silicone cake mould with it. You can do that with your fingers, that’s true. But it is much easier if you fill the grease into the practical bottle of this butter brush and apply an even layer onto the silicone cake tin. Don’t forget about the stainless steel rings either!

Why is this pastry brush better than any other kitchen brush?

First of all, you can see the clear difference between a bristle-less pastry brush and this silicone bottle brush. It combines of two parts: the silicone brush top which has a mini hole in the middle. This mini hole helps you spread the release agent equally onto your Zila cake mould. And this silicone pastry brush has a convenient dispensing bottle and has a 35ml capacity. Both parts are heat resistant and dust proof and very easy to clean. You can disassemble the brush quickly and with ease, clean both parts and reassemble as many times as you need.

Why do we think this silicone brush is better than a general wooden pastry brush?

Personally, I don’t like the wooden pastry brush, because even the dishwasher-safe brushes start losing their bristles after the first couple of use. At least, for me. I like their wooden touch, but they are not as long-lasting as a silicone kitchen utensil – we all know that. And when you find a few bristles in your silicone mould, you have to remove them by hand or start the whole process from the beginning. Starting with washing your Zila mould, drying it and greasing. To avoid this hassle, I recommend you to use silicone oil spreading brush every time. Or use releasing oil

Can I use this silicone brush for other than my Zila cake mould?

Of course, you can. This soft silicone bottle brush has numerous use. As a pastry brush, you can spread butter when baking bread or pastries. So it is a perfect egg wash brush with a particular dispenser bottle so that you don’t need to use any other equipment for brushing pastry with egg. Moreover, it is a perfect bbq brush. Since the soft silicone which is used as the material is heat resistant, you can use this silicone brush to baste food on the griddle. And you can use it as a general kitchen brush on any food you prepare.


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