Metal Cake Spatula – Angled Offset Spatula for Cake Icing




The perfect metal cake spatula to spread the cake icing on your creation. You can use it with your new Zila cake tin to spread the batter in the silicone mould.

Every home baker needs a stainless steel offset icing spatula. The metal cake spatula comes handy when you start decorating your cake or working with your new Zila cake mould. This useful kitchen tool is food safe and made of high quality, noncorrosive stainless steel.

We offer different lengths of cake spatulas so that you can pick the best for your moulds.

We would recommend the smaller (6″) offset spatula for the 7″ mould and for the square cake tin and the triangle liquid pan. While the 8 inch angled spatula could work better with the 10 inch round tin and the 12 inch liquid cake pan. However, that doesn’t mean the 6 inch metal cake spatula doesn’t work well with larger moulds, because we have used both with each liquid pan and haven’t noticed any difficulties.

All sizes come with the same handle to ensure the ergonomic design.

Moreover, the handle fits perfectly in your hand. I have noticed a great difference when I first started using this angled spatula compared to my previous spatulas. Its grip is easy and the ABS material is comfortable. The size of the handle is 4.8″ (12 cm).


Professional metal cake spatula from high-quality, dishwasher-safe materials.

This cream spatula is made of PBA-free stainless steel which won’t get rusty when you wash the metal cake spatula in a dishwasher. Use it every day, the high-quality material will prove us right. The handle of the palette knife is from high-quality ABS, which has a slightly rubbery feeling for the easy grip. You can even the cream out on any cake or the cake batter in any of the liquid pans with ease.


Multi-functional metal palette knife with ergonomic design

There is not just one use to this stainless steel palette knife, but many. Use it with cakes, cupcakes, bakery products or any pastry you bake. Size shouldn’t matter either: the cake spatula works with large, 3 tier wedding cakes as well as miniature cake cubes. The angled design gives you enough flexibility to use this icing knife. Use it around the cake to smooth cream or on top of the cake. Compared to a straight cake palette, the angle gives you more control over your decoration.


Durable metal cake spatula for your durable silicone liquid cake pans

We only offer high-quality products here which we tested before many times during use and in the dishwasher. We are confident that this stainless steel palette knife will be your partner for long in the kitchen, even if you use it every day. The premium quality ensures a no rust metal cake spatula for long.




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6" (15cm), 8" (20cm)

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