Liquid Cake Recipes Booklet – Getting started with Zila Cake Moulds


– 8 easy-to-make and decorate liquid cake recipes
– dessert recipes with liquid filling in the Zila liquid pans
– liquid cake recipes with versatile taste and look in Zila cake moulds


The best way to use your new liquid cake pan is to get this insightful liquid cake recipes booklet which helps you get started with your new Zila Cake Mould.

Getting started with your new liquid cake pan is not that difficult, but it is always easier if you have some guidance. This liquid cake recipes booklet gives you 8 detailed recipes to try your new liquid pan. It contains a step-by-step guide how to use your mould, similar to our how-to guides.

You can learn how to prepare sponge cakes and pudding doughs which you can use in other recipes as well. Moreover, the versatile carrot cake recipe is everybody’s favourite, which you can find on page 6. Surely, these liquid cake recipes can fill the plates on any occasion: birthdays, Christmas, family gatherings or parties with friends.


The recipe booklet contains the following recipes:


We are sure you find the recipes delicious and tasty. Even though the recipes are for certain liquid cake pans, you can easily adjust the measurement and use any liquid pan.

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Liquid cake recipes

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