Cakes with Liquid Filling Recipes Booklet – Arabian Delights in Zila Cake Mould


– 10 liquid cake recipes for Zila cake moulds
– versatile liquid pan recipes for cakes with liquid filling
– liquid cake recipes, main dishes with liquid filling and starters with liquid sauces



Of course, it is not just about cakes. So in this cakes with liquid filling recipes booklet, you can find starters and main dish recipes as well.

Cakes with liquid filling are always a delight, but when it has a nice nutty and fresh taste is even better. When you give a liquid cake pan as a gift for bakers, they would highly appreciate a recipe booklet just like this one. It is full of cakes with liquid filling recipes, with detailed description how to prepare the base and the cream as well.


In this cakes with liquid filling recipes booklet you can find the following recipes:

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