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– 7 inch round baking tray
– easy to handle silicone cake mould
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The perfect 7-inch silicone cake mould for cakes with liquid filling and easy cake decoration. A 7 inch round cake tin with eight equal slices.


More about this 7 inch cake tin

Mould Diameter 7.08" (18cm)
Mould Weight 1 lb (450g)

8 slices

Slice Dimension

3.54"x2.36" (9cm x 6cm)

Box Dimension

11.42"x11.42"x2.17" (29cmx29cmx5.5cm)

Box Weight

2.2 lb (1000g)

A round shaped cake tin which will change the way you think of cakes. This silicone cake mould will let you prepare delicious and easy-to-decorate cakes with liquid fillings where decoration is already part of the preparation process. Furthermore, the professional cake tin will help you with guidelines to cut the eight equal slices of liquid filled cakes. As easy as it looks! 7 inch round cake tin with 8 equal cake slices filled with liquid surprises or your favourite fillings.

You can prepare unique yet easy-to-make cakes and be the star of your own Bake Off competition and beat your creations every time. Once you master your unique 8 slices round Zila cake mould, you will get more and more ideas what else you can make in it. Appetisers, main dishes and desserts – the Zila cake moulds are perfect for everything.

Did you always want to make a cake which is delicious, looks like a pro cake, but easy to make? The 8 slices Zila cake mould is the answer

The Zila 8 slices round cake mould consists of two parts: a silicone base and a stainless steel ring. The unique shape of the silicone cake base will help you prepare sponges, cheesecakes and creams with 8 equal triangle shapes which you can fill with cream, chocolate or any liquid filling you like.

You might ask whether it is easy to handle this mini cake tin. Let us give you the complete answer for that.

You will love working with your new Zila cake mould because it is so much easier than it looks.
Of course, it is true. You need to get used to it, just like to any round shape cake moulds you used before. And it does require one special step which you might have stopped doing with your regular removable cake moulds: greasing.
Greasing is an essential part of the use of the Liquid Cake silicone cake moulds. We need to apply a separating agent between the silicone base and the cake base regardless if it is a cream or sponge mixture we place into the cake tin. This greasing or separating agent can be anything which covers the silicone mould nicely. We advise you to use our guide to grease your silicone mould properly and the steel cake ring.

And once you are ready with the easy greasing step, you can use the baking mould as usual. You just fill the baking mould with the sponge batter or cream and bake it or freeze it as you planned. It doesn’t matter whether you place the mould into the oven or the freeze, the silicone will hold its shape regardless.

What can I make in this small cake tin?

It is not as small as it looks! It is a 7 inch round cake tin which is already divided into eight equal slices. You will see the guide lines to cut into your decorated cake once you removed the silicone cake mould from it. These guide lines will help you keep the beautiful slices and the liquid filling untouched, so the lucky ones who can taste your cake will discover your surprise.

This 7 inch round cake mould is perfect for smaller family dinners and lunches where you have a maximum of 8 people. Or rather for 4 to keep up with the second round requests 


Moreover, this is the perfect round shape cake tin for the ones who like the cream filling more than the sponge. As the triangle shapes in the cake slices are relatively big, you can prepare cakes with more liquid or cream inside. So whoever complained to you for more cream, they can stop doing that. It happens, right? We are all familiar with the feeling that happens when you receive all the compliments with one exception about the amount of cream filling. This will never happen again. Not even with your liquid fillings. You can prepare cakes with liquid fillings which have whole fruit pieces inside. Isn’t that beautiful?

Furthermore, you can create cakes without sponge (or with just a little) and use cream cheese or any of your favourite cream. A mousse cake will look just perfect in this 7 inch round cake tin. We won’t even mention the gorgeous plate desserts you can come up with using this Zila cake mould. See our Recipes for more ideas.

Besides the usual sweet cakes, this silicone baking pan is perfect for savoury sponges and appetisers.

Why do we think you should choose this 8 slices round shape silicone cake mould? Why is this 7 inch round cake tin so special?

The smallest round Zila cake mould is perfect for smaller families, where baking a larger cake would mean lots of leftover waste. It is also great for the cream lovers as you can put plenty of liquid filling into your cake sponge or cheesecake base.
When the different members of your family have different taste and like different fillings of the cake, the Zila mould will help you answer everybody’s request at once. You will have 8 different, but equal slices of your perfect Zila cake. You can fill one with custard cream, one with blueberry, another one with chocolate filling and the fourth with some Nutella cream for the sweetest tooth. And then repeat these, so everybody can have their seconds.

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Additional information

Weight 0.640 kg
Dimensions 29 x 29 x 5.5 cm

7 1/4" / 185mm


1 9/16" / 40mm


8 slices



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