40 Slices Triangle Cake Tin – 10 Inch Triangle Silicone Cake Mould

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– a variable triangle cake tin for triangle, rhombus, hexagon and star shape cakes
– 10 inch triangle baking tray
– easy to handle silicone cake mould
– dishwasher safe triangle cake tin
– freeze or bake silicone mould
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A triangle cake tin which gives you 40 equal cake slices. The Zila 10 inch triangle silicone cake mould is the favourite kitchen tool for caterers in 95 countries.


More about this triangle cake tin

Mould Dimension 10.43"x8.27" (26.5cmx21cm)
Mould Weight 1.32 lb (600g)

40 slices

Slice Dimension

2"x2"x2" (5cm x 5cm x 5cm)

Box Dimension

16.14"x8.27"x2.17" (41cmx21cmx5.5cm)

Box Weight

2.31 lb (1050g)

But this silicone mould is not just for caterers. Just imagine friends and family coming over to celebrate multiple birthdays or anniversaries. You could end up preparing three separate cakes for each guest of honour.

But not if you own this triangle cake tin. It provides you with a great diversity of cakes and bites you can create. You can end up preparing 6 different cakes and 8 slices of cakes all at once. Use the same cake base and different liquid fillings each time, so everybody can have their favourites. You can still use a sweet or savoury base in your triangle cake tin – everything can work.

What shapes of cakes can I make in this silicone cake tin?

We are glad, you asked. By definition this Zila cake mould is a triangle cake tin, thus you can make triangle shaped cakes with liquid filling. This way you get 40 equal slices of cakes or appetisers/main dishes.

However, you can combine multiple triangles and get other shapes as well. You can create few bigger size of triangle cakes at once. Moreover, you can let your imagination fly and prepare rhombus cakes, star cakes, hexagon cakes or any shape which you can come up with using triangles. You might want to try even a bunny shape 


Why is this triangle cake tin so special?

All Zila cake moulds are part of the new and unique ways of cake making. The Zila moulds are the results of the careful design and expertise of the famous and devoted master confectioner of Hungary, Laszlo Zila. He wanted to create a cake mould which enables both professionals and rookies to prepare cakes which are the combination of bonbons and plate desserts. And this exactly what makes your cakes prepared in this triangle cake mould so unique. You can easily create cakes with liquid fillings without any specialised professional knowledge. However, if you are a confectioner master yourself, you can use your own expertise and imagination to create something beautiful and breathtaking.

Is this silicone cake tin dishwasher safe?

Of course, it is. This triangle cake tin is of the highest quality German silicone which speaks for itself. The silicone is highly durable so that you can use it every day for years without any wear and tear. You can use your triangle cake mould in the dishwasher every day, so you don’t just save money and time with preparing 40 slices at once but with the clean up as well. The silicone mould is designed for caterers, restaurants and bakeries to make multiple cakes without leftovers at once on a big scale. Imagine this cake mould in your kitchen at home! It will never wear off or age. But of course, you have to do your part: don’t cut or damage the silicone with a knife or sharp objects, because that can mean the end of any silicone kitchen tool.

The most special triangle cake tin you can ever get

The triangle cake tin from the Zila silicone cake mould family is great for small desserts, appetisers or bigger cakes. You can use your most loved sauces or fruits not just for decoration, but as the liquid filling as well in your cakes. Moreover, you can rethink your old time favourites and give them a new shape and outlook to surprise everybody around you.

No leftovers, no waste, huge variety – best for catering or home baking for big parties.

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