25 Slices Square Cake Tin – Silicone Rectangle Cake Tin


– durable mini square baking pans
– high-quality square shaped silicone mini cake mould
– unique cake pan mould for 25 mini cakes
– square cake tin with negative shapes for liquid filling


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A square cake tin which gives you 25 equal slices of cake with liquid filling if you wish. This Zila silicone rectangle cake mould is a unique and spectacular way of presenting your cakes, plate desserts, appetisers or main dishes.


More about this square cake tin

Mould Dimension 7.8"x7.8" (20cmx20cm)
Mould Weight 1.21 lb (550g)

25 slices

Slice Dimension

1.57"x1.57" (4cm x 4cm)

Box Dimension

11.42"x11.42"x2.17" (29cmx29cmx5.5cm)

Box Weight

1.54 lb (700g)

The revolutionary mini square baking pan from the Zila Cake Mould family is designed for both professionals and home bakers. If you run your own catering business and searching for cost-effective solutions to cater bigger events, this square cake tin is one way out of the extensive search you have been doing. The square-shaped silicone mini cake mould gives an easy solution for housewives as well in the kitchen who would like to prepare something breath-taking within a short period. A cake with liquid filling will do the magic, we are sure 


You cannot find these shapes anywhere else. These unique can pans from Zila Cake Moulds are patented inventions of the food technology market. This square cake tin has two parts: a negative silicone mould designed to give the proper shape of the cake base so that it can be filled later on; and a stainless steel ring which helps the baking process.

Why is this unique square cake tin a negative cake mould?

Negative in this sense doesn’t mean anything negative at all 

 It only refers to the unique technology which is used during the designing and manufacturing process of the exclusive square shaped silicone mini cake mould. The negative shapes (mini rectangles) enable the making of filled food in the silicone moulds. Once you prepare your (cake) base in the silicone rectangular cake tin, you can fill them with soft cream or even liquid sauces.

Is it only sweet dessert I can prepare in this unique cake mould?

No, not at all. Even though this mini square baking pan was invented for bakeries and confectioners, it has a wide variety of use in other parts of the kitchen too. So you can use your new Zila square silicone cake mould as the new way of preparing appetisers, main dishes, food gifts or of course, desserts. The limit is only your imagination! Use a pulled pork base for your starter where you add caramelised onions inside with some hollandaise sauce. Oh, yummy.

How big are these mini square cake slices?

To tell the truth, they are not too big, but not too small. Just about the right size unless you have an appetite like a bear. But even then, you will have 25 slices, so this square cake tin should satisfy your needs too.

The square cake slices are 1.57″ x 1.57″ (4cm x 4cm) each, all of them with different liquid filling if you wish. Then you can cover them with a small layer of sponge cake and then fold them in chocolate for perfect cube mignons.

What is so different in this square cake tin?

By the look of it, everything is different. This square cake tin has two parts, a silicone base and a stainless steel square ring. Within the silicone base, you can find negative mini square shapes. These help you get the holes in your sponge or cheesecake which you can fill with your favourite sauces, fruits or creams. But what is not different are the cakes you can make: use your favourite old recipes or the new ones from our website or the internet to make an incredible and breathtaking cake in your new Zila cake mould.

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