16 Slices Large Silicone Mould – 12 Inch Cake Tin


– 12 inch round cake tin
– durable large silicone cake mould
– silicone cake tin with the hole in the middle
– dishwasher safe round cake tin
– freeze or bake silicone mould
– free UK shipping


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A large silicone mould which gives you 16 equal cake slices for big parties and gatherings. The Zila cake mould is a highly durable 12 inch round cake tin with a hole in the middle so you can fill your cake with liquid filling or sauce easily.


More about this 12 inch cake tin

Mould Diameter 12.32" (31.3cm)
Mould Weight 1.68 lb (760g)

16 slices

Slice Dimension

5.91"x2.24" (15cm x 5.7cm)

Box Dimension

12.8"x12.8"x2.17" (32.5cmx32.5cmx5.5cm)

Box Weight

2.87 lb (1300g)

The large silicone mould gives you 16 equal slices, each slice marked with guidelines where you should cut the cake so that the liquid filling stays inside. This round cake tin with a hole in the middle of each cake slice holds a great surprise in any party. You will receive admiring glances from everybody, you can be sure about that. Furthermore, you do not have to spend too much time decorating the cake. Because with the Zila cake moulds the preparation is part of the decoration.

Forget about leftovers and waste during the preparation of your cake. As the cake you prepare with your Zila cake mould will form 16 slices, not more, not less. During decoration, you do not need to cut any pieces off. Just add your favourite sauce, jam or cream into the middle and you are ready. Of course, you can use additional fruit and decoration like whipping cream or chocolate to boost your already beautiful and unique liquid cake.

Why is this large silicone mould so special?

Unlike other silicone moulds, the Zila cake moulds consist of two parts. There is a silicone cake mould base with negative triangle shapes to form the 16 equal cake slices. Furthermore, you can find thin guidelines printed in the silicone which help you cut the slices once your cake with liquid filling is ready. Additionally, you will receive a stainless steel ring in your nicely decorated box which sits in your silicone base perfectly. This will form the wall of your cake with liquid filling.

How can I prepare a liquid cake with this 12 inches round cake tin?

That’s the beauty of using your new Zila cake mould. You can rethink your traditional recipes and with just a slight change prepare the family favourites or the dishes from the a la carte menu in a modern and breathtaking way. Don’t need special recipes for liquid cakes, you can transform any cake to a liquid cake with these Zila moulds. You do not need anything just a little imagination to rethink the old favourites for special occasions or general catering events.

How big is a slice with the 16 slices Zila cake mould?

Once your delicious and good-looking cake is ready in your Zila cake mould, you will see 16 equal slice-marks on it. These guidelines will help you cut the cake into even slices which will measure and look like exactly the same. This is one way to show your professionalism and also helps you sell and serve equal slices all the time. Each slice is 150mm long (6.3 inches) and 57mm wide (2.2 inches) at the arc. The whole cake mould is 313mm in diameter (12.32 inches).

Is this 12 inch round cake tin made of regular, food-safe silicone?

The Zila cake moulds were designed to use the highest quality German silicone which is food-safe as well as dishwasher, freezer and oven-safe. You will find your new cake tin a bit thicker than a regular silicone mould which makes your mould more resistant than the usual silicone material of cake tins. Of course, it is still a food-safe material but highly durable. Thus, you will enjoy your new Zila mould for a long-long time in your professional kitchen or as a home baking tool. You can use this round cake tin with holes in the middle in the over [up to +260°C (500 °F)] or in the freezer [-50°C (-58°F)], you won’t see any distortion or deformity in your new mould. 

What is a liquid cake? Do I need a special recipe to use this special silicone mould?

Every cake can be a liquid cake which you prepare in your new Zila cake mould. This particular large silicone mould has 16 equal slices which you can fill with your favourite liquid sauces or creams and there you go! Your liquid cake is ready. You can use a sponge cake or cheesecake or any other cake you like as a base and put sauces or cream or the combination of both to the middle holes. The best is that you don’t need to use only one type of filling in your cake, but you can use 16 different at once. If you don’t want to use liquid filling, that is fine as well. We love using our favourite chocolate cream to fill the holes and decorate the cake with sour cherry to give an extra special look and taste.

The best silicone cake mould for caterers, bakeries and big families

This large silicone cake mould is perfect for any professional bakery, catering business or restaurant. The 16 equal slices from this 12 inch cake tin are marked with guidelines so that you can cut them nicely and your family and customers will enjoy liquid filling inside each slice.

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