12 Slices Round Silicone Cake Mould – 10 inch Cake Tin

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– 10 inch cake tin for 12 cake slices
– silicone mould for baking cakes with liquid filling
– a baking tin for no-bake cakes (use between -50°C – 260°C)
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A multiple award-winning 12 slices round silicone cake mould which will revolutionise your kitchen. Join the thousands of other happy housewives and professionals who amaze their families and clients with the unique cakes with liquid filling every time they use their Zila 10 inch cake tin.


More about this 10 inch cake tin

Mould Diameter 9.84" (25cm)
Mould Weight 1.39 lb (630g)

12 slices

Slice Dimension

4.73"x2.36" (12cm x 6cm)

Box Dimension

11.42"x11.42"x2.17" (29cmx29cmx5.5cm)

Box Weight

2.65 lb (1200g)

The Zila 10 inch cake tin is a silicone bakeware like no other.  You will get 12 equal slices of a one-of-a-kind cake which you can fill with any cream, pudding or jam. You can prepare sweet cakes or savoury dishes in this easy-to-use silicone cake mould, any recipe will work. Just pick one of your old recipes and recreate the way you think of cakes and dishes with this cake pan.

When you use your Zila cake mould, you shouldn’t worry more about decoration. Once your cake is ready, it will already be decorated thanks to the special look it has. You will get a 12 slices round cake which you can slice easily and fill with your favourite flavours. When you invite friends over or prepare cakes for catering, you can fill every slice with a different filling to save time and money. And of course, to make everybody happy.

Would all my favourite recipe work in this unusual silicone 10 inch cake tin?

We cannot see the reason why not! We advise you to check the steps we collected for you to follow during the preparation of your implausible Zila cake with liquid filling. Please see our guide for baking in your Zila silicone cake mould or the ‘how to’ guide to prepare your unique cake without oven.

What is in my 12 slices Zila silicone cake mould box?

When you receive your carefully designed silicone cake tin box, you will get the silicone cake base, a 1 37/64 inch (4cm) high stainless steel ring and another finger thick (1cm high) stainless steel ring for baking sponges. On top of it, as the box cover, you will get instructions how to use the Zila cake mould in the oven and how to prepare no-bake cakes in it.

Can I prepare 12 different cakes at once with this cake mould?

That’s the beauty of it. You can! You can prepare one sponge or cheesecake and then fill the 12 equal slices with 12 different sauces or fillings. So if your family is really picky, you can even kill 12 birds with one stone when you use your new Zila mould. Moreover, when you prepare cakes for catering events or your bakery, that round cake tin will make your workflow efficient and cost-effective. Just imagine when you serve 12 different types of cake, and you spent time only with one!

An easy-to-use 10 inch cake tin with negative shapes in the cakes so that you can fill them with liquid filling.

The perfect silicone cake mould which you can use in the over on in the fridge. This baking tin is a professional tool for any home baker, catering businesses, bakeries or restaurants because it gives you 12 equal slices of cake. You can cut the cake easily because the mould has indented surface which provides you guidelines for the cake slices once you removed the silicone mould. They will be visible on no bake cheesecakes as well as baked sweet and savoury sponges, no matter what recipe you use.

You can use liquid filling in the cake without a problem if you have one of the cake pans from the revolutionary Zila cake mould family. When you use your silicone 10 inch cake tin, you can surprise any of your family members or clients with an amazing looking cake and their favourite sauce in every slice.

In stock

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 6 cm

2.205 lbs / 1000 g

Box Dimensions

11 3/7" x 11 3/7" x 2 1/6" / 29 x 29 x 5.5 cm

Cake Mould Diameter

10" / 25.5 cm

Ring Height

1 37/64" / 4 cm

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