No bake cakes are easy to prepare and just as delicious as the regular cakes. Generally, you have to use your refrigerator to reach the right consistency of your cake, but you might find recipes where you don’t even have to do that. Surely, no-bake cakes are less time-consuming and with your unique Zila cake mould just as much fun as any other cake. Here you can read a special guide for the silicone Zila cake moulds, however, these steps could be useful for any other baking pans too. Prepare a cake without oven for any occasion: birthday cakes, wedding cake, baby shower cake, christening cakes or anniversary cakes.


The first step is to prepare your Zila mould.

Make sure your silicone cake mould is clean, and the stainless steel ring is not wet. Once you assembled the silicone cake base and inox ring, you can apply the release spray layer. That can happen with a cake release spray (vegetable oil based separating agent), a cooking spray, a cake release liquids or a homemade pan release mixture. If you are unsure about this step, please read more about greasing techniques here.

Fill the silicone cake mould with cream or mousse.

Once you finished greasing, you can use your prepared cream or mousse cream to fill the silicone mould. No bake cheesecake and chocolate mousse cream are the most popular cake bases, but you can use any cream you like. However, we advise you to make sure the cream you use will hold and harden in the fridge. If you are unsure, you can always use a little bit of gelatine.

Release air from the mixture in the mould.

To prevent air bubbles in your cream base, after filling the silicone mould, you should shake your cake pan or tap it onto the table few times. That will help you get an even consistency of your cream. This technique works well if your cream or mouse is soft. Though, with thicker creams, you might need to use a spatula or a cake scraper along the edges of the slices to fill any gaps.

For the best result and easiest handling, use two metal cookie sheets for this step.

Cover the cream with a sponge cake layer.

This step is only necessary to close the cream base of your cake and to get slices which you can handle easier. If you don’t want to bake a sponge cake because you don’t want to turn on your oven, that shouldn’t be a problem. You can prepare your usual cookie base for sponge cakes in the finger-thick stainless steel ring which you get with the 12 slices Zila cake mould. On the other hand, you can ignore this step if you decided to have an all-creamy cake without sponge.

Chill the cake overnight

Or if you have a shock freezer, freeze it for a few hours. This step would help get the right consistency of the cream even if it was soft. If you used a thicker mousse cream, you might need less hours in the regular fridge too.

The professional Zila cake moulds can be used between -50°C and +260°C (-58°F – 500°F), so they are suitable for use in the shock freezer as well.

Separate the cake from the silicone mould and steel ring.

Place the silicone mould onto your kitchen table upside down, so the silicone is on top. Heat the silicone mould with a hot air gun or hairdryer for a few seconds. This way you can remove the silicone from the cream cake without breaking the slices. Once you only have the metal ring on, heat that one a little bit and remove from the cake with ease.

You might be able to remove the Zila cake mould from your cream cake without this step, however, this way you can make sure you won’t destroy any part of the slices.

Fill and decorate the no-bake cake.

Where preparation is the decoration, you shouldn’t worry about this bit much because after filling your cake with your choice of liquid filling or liquid sauces, your work could be finished. However, if you want to spend more time with decoration, you can still do that. You can cover the outer edge of your cake with nuts or chocolate and then use the sauces.

You might want to prepare multiple cakes at once and this is not a problem. Just fill the equal slices with different fillings and there you go! Enjoy 8-12 or even 16 types of cakes with one base.

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