The Zila cake mould family, the liquid pans, bring us new invention in the kitchen. With all cutting edge technology comes some changes in the way we need to handle the new tools. We are lucky with the liquid pans because they do not bring extensive alterations. We summarised the steps for you when you bake in your new Zila mould, please see them below.

Please see below our list, how to use the liquid pans. You will see baking with your Zila cake moulds are not that different than using any silicone moulds. However, they bring far more variation at the end.

The Zila cake mould family can be used both in the oven and in the freezer (fridge). This technology guide describes both ways on a high level, so hopefully will be useful for all your recipes.


Step by step guide how to use the liquid cake pans:


1. Grease the liquid pan with a release agent

Liquid pans should be greased every time you use them. Actually, it is true for all our silicone cake moulds, not just the Zila moulds. We have already reviewed the greasing options in an earlier post. Whichever you use should be based on your preference. The most important bit here is to apply a releasing agent layer between the silicone mould and the cake batter so that you can remove the cake from the pan without problems and breaks.

first step with zila cake mould to grease the liquid pan

The first step with the Zila cake mould is to grease the liquid pans so you can remove your cakes with ease and the negative shapes in the slices will be visible.


2. Add the batter to the liquid pan

Since we started to develop recipes for liquid pans, we haven’t been able to find a recipe which doesn’t work with the Zila cake moulds. You might need to tweak the recipe a little bit, but there is always a way. Of course, imagination is key here – but this is the fun factor which comes with the liquid pans. But believe us, there will be a point where you transform every recipe into a liquid pan recipe as soon as you read it. You can add regular sponge cake batter and bake or cheesecake mixes and put in the fridge to settle.


second step to pour the cake batter into the Zila cake mould, fill the liquid pan with cake batter

The second step is to pour the cake batter into the Zila cake mould. Fill the liquid pan with the cake batter so that the negative shapes are not visible.

3. Remove the cake base from the liquid pan

There is a mistake almost every one of us made when using silicone cake moulds. Because of the nature of silicone, once a cake is baked in any silicone mould (and not just the liquid pans), it should be removed immediately from the silicone tin. The Zila cake mould family is made of high-quality German silicone, so it cannot get any better. So believe us when we say you should remove the cake from any silicone mould immediately. This will preserve the original shape of your mould as well as make sure the durable silicone material is not destroyed.


third step remove the zila cake mould while the cake is hot. The liquid pan should be removed after it is out of the oven

The third step is to remove the Zila cake mould while the cake is hot. The liquid pan should be removed right after it is out of the oven.


4. Fill the liquid cake with your favourite liquid filling or cream

It doesn’t matter if you fill your liquid cake with liquid filling which actually flows in the shapes or with cream. Both work well in the Zila cakes, and your cake will look gorgeous. Or go for something very different and use marshmallow as a filling. The best gift you get with the liquid pans is freedom.


fill the Zila cake with liquid filling pour sauce into the cake you baked with the liquid pans

At last, fill the Zila cake with liquid filling. Pour sauce into the negative shapes in each slice of the cakes you baked in the liquid pan.


To watch a guide, please see the manufacturer’s detailed instructions:

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