It is always important to handle our new kitchen tools in the correct way. We are lucky with our new Zila cake moulds because they are highly durable and heat resistant. But there are still some rules you should follow in order to have a long and happy life with your liquid cake pan. Here you can read a general guide how you can take care of your new silicone cake moulds and kitchen gadgets.

We are going to share here our tips and advice so that you can enjoy the Zila liquid cake tins for many years. Here you can find a guide how to take care of your new silicone cake moulds right after you purchase it and during the many years you will enjoy them during your baking.


How to start using the silicone kitchen tools? What should you do before you start using your silicone mould?

  • Your first step should be to wash and then dry the silicone bakeware (silicone moulds, silicone spatulas or any other kitchen gadget) before the first use. And generally, use the mould when it is clean and dry.
  • Before every use, grease the silicone cake mould (you can read tips how to grease and what to use in the linked post). Greasing is needed especially when the sugar content in your recipe is higher than the fat content (which is almost always the case). This releasing agent will prevent stickiness and will allow your silicone mould to leave nice and intact holes which you can fill with liquid filling later on.
  • Place the silicone baking mould onto a tray which will help you hold and move the an. Every silicone pan needs support so that you can lift them easier without pouring the cake batter out of the silicone pan. The silicone cake mould is flexible so that you can remove it easily from the baked (or frozen) cake. But for the same reason, the silicone baking pan needs a firm tray underneath.
  • The best news is that you can use your new liquid pans in the dishwasher so that the cleaning is far from being painful. Just place both parts, the silicone base and the stainless steel ring into the dishwasher and wash them with your other dishes. No extra steps are needed.


How to make sure your silicone bake mould will have a long life? What not to do with a silicone baking pan?

  • Don’t use sharp objects with the silicone cake mould because they will cut it through or pierce it, even the very best quality silicone. This can lead to a shorter life and can cause further issues with the silicone pan.
  • Avoid placing your silicone mould into the microwave (unless you use special silicone mould which specifically allows microwave usage). The silicone Zila cake moulds have a stainless steel part as well, which is always a no-no with microwaves.
  • Never place the silicone mould directly on a heat source. The silicone material will damage and the durability can no longer be guaranteed.
  • Don’t let the cake cool in the silicone cake mould – this is the tricky advice and not something you read everywhere. But if you remove the hot cake immediately from the silicone mould lets the mould gain back its original shape and temperature quicker which makes it more durable.



We have summarised our tips how to take care of your new silicone cake mould in an infographic.

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How to take care of your silicone cake mould? 8 easy steps

How to take care of your silicone cake mould? 8 easy steps


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