As the preparation is the decoration with the Zila Cake Moulds, greasing is an essential part in it. The proper greasing allows your cake to lift up properly, without any pieces left on the silicone cake mould.

The right grease on the silicone moulds will allow you to remove the cake fully and without any complications. You can refer to it as the releasing agent which creates a thin layer between your sponge or cream and the silicone.

You can find many release spray on the market and order it from the internet, or prepare one for yourself considering your needs. We like doing both as we face dietary requirements when preparing cakes and appetisers for a bigger group.


What is the difference between oil and release agent?

That is the right question to ask. Do you remember when you first saw your mother or grandmother greasing the cake tin with butter and then sieving flour onto it? This is exactly the difference. Oil is a more liquid substance than a release agent thus it doesn’t stick onto the cake tin as much. In contrast, a release agent already has the right combination of ingredients so the oily layer will remain on the cake mould without a problem.

There are many different kinds of release agents available to you on the market. You can find:

– cake release sprays
– cooking sprays
– cake release liquids
– homemade pan release mixture


How do I know I did the greasing correctly?

When you applied your releasing agent on your cake mould, it should stay where you sprayed/sprinkled/brushed it. It shouldn’t flow around in the mould which actually helps you cover all parts of your cake tin. You have done the greasing correctly if all parts of your silicone mould are covered with your choice of releasing agent.

Make sure you don’t just grease the silicone part of your Zila cake mould, but the stainless steel ring as well. It is extremely important if you make sponge cakes so that you can remove your ready cake base without any issues and cuts in your sponge. In case of a cream cake base, you can use a heat gun (hot air gun) or a hair dryer to help to release the grip of the Zila mould, so greasing is not as important.


If I don’t want to put oil into my Zila cake mould, what else can I use?

Your Zila cake mould is all about creativity and rethinking the old ways. If you are really against greasing your pan with oily release agents, try to use chocolate which can help you remove your cake base from the silicone mould as well.

Or if you find anything else which helps you fully remove your cake from the Zila cake tin, it is your time to share your magic below this post 🙂



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