LiquidPan is the official distributor of the award-winning Zila Cake Moulds in the UK. The cake tin for liquid cakes. 

Find the next evolution of cake tins which make your cake decoration quick, easy and beautiful.

You can find revolutionised silicone moulds in the LiquidPan shop which can give you even liquid cake slices in any circumstances. Moreover, these baking tins can be used for starters, main dishes and of course, cakes. The limit is your imagination.

Be tuned for our rethought classic recipes – everything in liquid pans.

We are not professionals, but enthusiastic home bakers who like trying new ways and methods – just like the Zila liquid pans. We met the Zila moulds first time in Budapest, where the inventor and master confectioner, Laszlo Zila lives and works. In their amazing bakery, pastry shop and restaurant the professional team uses the Zila cake moulds to create fantastic and delicious cakes, but even appetisers, main dishes or side dishes.

The first Zila mould was introduced to the market as the revolutionalised silicone cake mould for professionals. By now, it is part of every well-equipped kitchen in more than 95 countries. It is not just a tool for bakeries, pastry shops, hotels, restaurants and catering businesses, but anyone can use these moulds in their kitchen.


Our online shop serves two purposes:

You can buy the Zila cake moulds here in the UK and get ideas and read new recipes which you can use with your Zila cake pans easily. We offer other products as well in our shop, so you can purchase the missing tools from your kitchen which can complete your new cake mould. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can only use these tools with the silicone moulds – we just wanted to make your life easier, so you can buy everything for your new hobby at one place.

We are planning to introduce new and new recipes every week, so your liquid cake recipe book can grow with time. As the Zila moulds are highly durable, they are made for life, so you can try every recipe at the right occasion. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to create and recreate recipes, so we can’t wait to start the journey together.

As we mentioned before, we are not professionals, but we will try hard to look like one 🙂 We are still learning food blogging and video creation, but we would like to give you the best possible experience and the easiest ways to use your new cake pans for liquid cakes.


Later on, we would like to organise workshops as well where we can all gather and learn the tricks and listen to the tips how to handle our unique liquid cake moulds. If you are a professional pastry chef or an experienced housewive who would love this idea, please reach out to us, so we can get the ball rolling.

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