The cake mould where the preparation is the decoration. 

Equal cake slices with liquid filling every time

These exclusive silicone moulds will help you master cake-making and decorating during the preparation process. You can prepare your favourite cakes with a new, more comfortable and cost-effective technology. Cakes with liquid filling are delightful, stunning and will take the breath away of your guests and family once they discover you made it with your new Zila silicone cake mould.

You don’t have to be a star baker to make dazzling cakes for special occasions, Sunday lunches or just for an everyday celebration.

Revolutionary cake tins for home bakers as well as professionals

A cake tin family which gives you the opportunity to recreate your favourites and try new, modern recipes. These highly durable silicone moulds will enable you to create masterpieces even without using your oven. The Zila cake moulds can be used in the oven and in your freezer to prepare cakes with liquid filling. Moreover, you can find different shapes of cake moulds in the Zila cake mould family, so that you can replace the old thinking of starters, appetisers, main dishes and of course, desserts.

Rethink and reuse your old recipes of your chocolate mousse cake and include a liquid sauce which will mesmerise everybody when it starts flowing off from the cake.

The perfect silicone cake mould
for cakes with liquid filling.

Food and Dishwasher safe silicone baking pans

Cleaning your Zila cake mould is really easy. You can put the silicone cake base as well as the stainless steel ring into the dishwasher without being damaged. The Zila silicone bakeware won’t lose its shape, injure or cripple. Moreover, the silicone cake mould doesn’t occupy too much space in your dishwasher, because you can wash it upright as well.

12 Slices
16 Slices

25 Pieces

No special recipe is needed for the cakes with liquid filling – just a little imagination

We invite you to check our Recipe blog so that you can get some inspiration and see how easy it is to make a cake with liquid filling. You don’t have to watch your clock and calculate seconds to create a great molten cake.

You will be able to create 8, 12 or 16 slices of a round cake, all with liquid filling. Or even 25 square slices, of course, with liquid filling. When you prepare food for the larger catering events or for a big family and friends gathering, use the 40 slices triangle Zila cake mould.

A silicone mould for life

The Zila cake moulds are highly durable, so even if you use them every day in a busy bakery, they will last long and shouldn’t have any sign of tear and wear. Learn more about how to take care of your silicone cake mould.

Silicone mould for
baking and freezing

You can prepare no bake cakes using your Zila cake mould in the fridge or freezer. Alternatively, you can follow the traditional way and bake a liquid cake in the oven

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